How we survived the Hurricane and left for a new adventure

On the day when the hurricane was expected to hit Cuba, we tried to do some shopping. We bought some Ron, Coke, water to not to get bored and mainly to survive.

We also went to the Malecon, which was completely flooded after the hurricane, people living in this area were stuck with no electricity in their houses for 7 days. We were so lucky for not choosing our Casa in Malecon.

Malecon is a beautiful area next to the sea, I really recommend to stay there until sunset.

22119601_10215679196919862_781755253_o (1)

We were staying in the area of Vedado- Havana, where we found our home. During the hurricane we had to stay inside of the house for 24 hours, which was pretty boring – We didn’t know what to do, we played cards, we had no electricity, no TV, no internet nothing….

We went to sleep and in fact, I could not fall asleep and sleep well, due to strong wind which was waking me up every five minutes. I was really worried that the wind is going to break windows.22139952_10215679197199869_147772892_o

When we woke up around 8, we went out to see the hurricane damage. We wanted to leave Havana asap, but we didn’t have many options, as there were no buses going to Vinales – our second destination.

We called to Viazul bus company to find out if there are buses going to Vinales – the company was closed, so we called the taxi, as we have no other option. We paid 130 CUC, which was our most expensive Taxi trip at all times, but what we could do….


We got to a  lovely village and beautiful natural park called Vinales, we were so happy to be in this area, that we decided to celebrate the evening, we ended up buying some cigars and drinking a lot, the day after was terrible and cigar hangover is worse than anything else.22117642_10215679198519902_229053735_o22117770_10215679197879886_897250972_o22119564_10215679280401949_1548981479_o22163678_10215679198399899_1212695211_o


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