6 Things I enjoy doing in Malta

As I have promised, I will be writing about what I like to do in Malta. I will be sharing some tips how you can enjoy your (not only October) days in Malta.

October is my favourite month and finally, I am excited to be able to enjoy the weather which allows me to do some outdoor sports again – I will no longer need to wait for the evening to go to play tennis or simply to go out for a walk without sweating and burning my pale face  :D.

1. I Love running on the Sliema promenade

If you are jogging/run lover, you can enjoy running on the promenade from St Julians to Sliema, that is what I usually do, however sometimes when I feel like running long distance I keep running to Valletta and back. In October the promenade is less crowded and you can enjoy your run without bumping into people.

I personally prefer running in the evenings because I can enjoy beautiful sunsets while i run.

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2. Spending time in Għajn Tuffieħa beach

If you love to swim and enjoy days on the beach, you can take a bus and go to Għajn Tuffieħa beach, although during the weekend it tends to be crowded especially during the summer season. I recommend you going there in the mornings, as people are arriving to the beach usually after lunch.

When the weather is not perfect for swimming anymore I would still recommend you to go there, as you can always do a picnic with a bottle of wine or two 😀

3. EATING in Marsaxlokk

I love eating……

My favourite dining spots are definitely in Marsaxlokk, I am about to try all the restaurants there one by one, but so far I have had the best experience with T Anna Mari restaurant. 

T Anna Mari offers a variety of finest food prepared by Chef de Cuisine Salvatore Piccione from Italy with a real passion for cooking. I always enjoy going there, as I know that the food is always excellent and the staff is always super nice and welcoming with a smile on their faces.

I always enjoy eating there from appetizer – which is delicious home-made bread to my usual choice seafood pasta, which I really recommend to everyone.

If you decide to visit this restaurant booking in advance is highly recommended, as it tends to be full especially during the weekends.


Image result for t'anna mari restaurant

4. Strolling the streets of Valletta

Valletta – the capital is one of my favourite places to visit in Malta. It has a unique spirit which is impossible to find anywhere else. I enjoy walking up and down the streets especially during the evening or night when it is quiet and the city is falling to sleep. You can spend hours strolling the streets and you will always see something that will catch your attention.

This city also offers various coffee places and restaurants located around Republica Street of Valletta. I used to work in Valletta as well and I enjoyed going there by ferry which is quite a unique experience for someone from central Europe,.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, walking, shoes and outdoor

You will definitely enjoy views from Upper Barrakka Gardens, which are facing three cities – Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua.

Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor, water and nature

5. Reading a book in hidden place of St. Julian.

I love quiet places and that’s why I am in Malta :D. You probably won’t believe it, but yes there is a place where tourists don’t go in St Julians, and I am sure that after writing this blog post I will need to search for other places to spend my evenings reading books.

This no more hidden place is right behind Hilton Marina in St Julians close to the pier overlooking Sliema, where tourists don’t stray so often.I love to enjoy sunsets there as this place is  nice and quiet ( and most importantly CLEAN 😀 )


6. Learning and practising languages

Malta is a favourite destination for Expats from all over the world. People are coming over to learn English, but in addition to that, you can pick up other languages and that’s what I have done. You don’t need to attend a language school to be able to do so, you can simply type a message on one of the Expats FB pages ( i.e. Espanoles en Malta etc), with your requirements and I am sure someone will get back to you shortly. You can also do Language exchange and it won’t cost you anything.

If you decide to do private classes it will cost you 10-20 Euros per hour. It is never too late to start learning a new language and Malta is perfect for that as many expats are living here.



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