Unforgettable Turin


Turin is known as the forgotten city of Italy and after visiting it you’ll understand why it was the first capital of Italy …..

Turin is also where Nutella was born and where Fiat comes from….

Don’t forget to try FOL Gourmet Popcorn

FOL Gourmet Popcorn combines great service, prices and taste. They let you try various popcorn flavours before buying it and right, it is hard to pick just one..or two

FOL is conveniently located in the centre, near the Egyptian museum and cinema, this is a must of all popcorn lovers or those who are yet to become ones.

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Flying carpet

One of the Turin’s highlight was definitely Tapetto Volante ( Flying carpet). It’s a ceiling made of light installation inspired with Italian flag colours. This is an art piece of Daniel Buren, located in Piazza Palazzo di Cittá. It’s definitely beautiful to see during the day as well as at night.

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor


Mini-hike to Santa Maria del Monte

You should not forget to put on your list Santa Maria del Monte once visiting Turin.  This church with stunning architecture located on the top of the hill offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings and when there is a good visibility you have a chance to see the Alps and to indulge its mesmerizing views. It is actually the place where all postcards pictures come from.

Try Torino bicerin – Local coffee speciality

Bicerin is traditional coffee made of Espresso, chocolate and whole milk and it is served in a small glass. These three components are carefully layered in the glass, not mixed together. You can find this speciality in almost all Coffee places across Turin.



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